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The Next Good Step

An old Chinese proverb says, "The journey of a thousands miles begins with a single step." What destination do you want to reach? Does the path to get there seem overwhelming?

When I realize I need to make a change, improve a relationship or get healthier, looking down the path into the future can seem overwhelming. At these times, it's important for me to remember that I need only set my course and take the first step in that direction. The first step can then be followed by a second, then a third. If done consistently, regardless of how small the action may be, the results in time will compound. Consistency is so much more important than huge, seemingly heroic, steps that are not sustainable.

Another way to remove a bad habit from our lives is to hammer in a good habit. Instead of focusing on the chocolate cake that you don't want to eat, try focusing on adding something you would enjoy that is healthy to your diet? Instead of starting the day with anxious thoughts, try starting the day with prayer and a litany of gratitude, focusing on all that is going well.

Sometimes we focus too much on the future and we miss the beauty of today, the victory in the little choices, the joy in the journey. We get tunnel vision and are consumed by the change we want to see without celebrating the small victories along the way. I know this can be my struggle.

So what journey do you want to begin and what first, sustainable step could you take? I am happy to help.

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